Are We A Nation of Quitters?

December 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Fifty percent of all marriages in America end in divorce.  Ninety percent of those who lose weight gain it all back and more.  Seventy percent of all new year’s resolutions fail by March.  It seems that Americans just don’t have the attention span to commit themselves to achieving their goals.  If it’s longer than 140 characters, we lose interest and move on to the next thing.
Joe De Sena, Brian Duncanson, Noel Hanna, and a team of intense athletes and entrepreneurs want to change that. These guys and girls don’t quit.  Snowshoe the Iditorod? Paddle 1000 miles? Race down Everest from the peak?  They’ve done it all and more, eagerly attacking athletic ventures that most of us would never consider within the realm of possibility.  These incredible athletes have created a training and race pyramid, inspired by the courage and fierceness of ancient Spartan warriors, meant to change the world one human at a time.


“Simple,” De Sena says.  “By ripping people off their couch and feeding our human spirit for mud, danger, and adversity.”

This get-off-the-couch concept speaks to the Spartan Race team’s belief that modern Americans live their lives too passively.  We are overly attached to convenience and technology, and we are missing out on the satisfaction and self-sufficiency that our ancestors experienced as a matter of daily living.  The structure of today’s society does not require intense physical exertion or ingenuity in order for us to obtain the necessities of food and shelter.  As a result, we often expect things to be done for us and take our many privileges for granted.

DeSena and the rest of the team at Spartan Race are trying to put the thrill back into everyday life.  Training for and competing in a Spartan Race will do just that.  Not only will it improve your physical condition, but the race itself is so unpredictable that it will reintroduce a sense of excitement into your life.

What’s more, the Spartan Race team is unveiling an entire pyramid of races–that is, a staggered sequence of increasingly difficult tests for competitors.  The introductory race is of course the Spartan Race, a 5k course filled with obstacles.  Those who successfully finish a Spartan Race can challenge themselves further with the Super Spartan, Spartan Beast, and Peak Races.  At the top of the pyramid remains the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance, the Death Race.

The new pyramid design of Spartan Race programming means that people of every fitness level can find an appropriate match.  The Spartan Race team wants Americans to start succeeding and to stop quitting.  Training for the Spartan Race will teach the discipline and commitment necessary to make this vision into a reality.


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